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We are authorized to accept Credit Card payments via "Pay Pal"... If you are NOT familiar with Pay Pal, it is a payment processing service owned
by E-bay, the popular online auction Website... And used to send money around the World! Therefore, your data will be handled by a trusted, well established service. We WON'T see or process any credit card data!

If you are NOT a member of Pay Pal, it only takes a few minutes to join it. Then, you will be able to transfer money to us as well as receive money from us as well as any other member of Pay Pal.

Simply click the button below. You'll be transferred to Pay Pal's secure server. Next, fill in the appropriate pricing or product information... It's
also recommended that you send us an E-mail indicating transaction.

Mail Order payments should be sent to our P. O. Box listed in "Contact" section and on Home Page... Deadline dates to mail in is 15th or 28th of
each month. So, mail just prior to either Date...

Any questions or problems, please contact us. Thanks
JOIN Pay Pal